Level 3 Curriculum

Course Number 332

Psychological Aspects of Nursing

This course is intended to help the student provide more holistic nursing care. The concept of nursing is seen as an interpersonal process with an emphasis on meeting the psychological needs of the individual. The principles of mental health are taught so the student can gain an understanding of the various reactions which clients have to stress, illness, and hospitalization. Concepts of psychological development, communication, and behavior dynamics are introduced. Specific mental disorders are presented, along with current techniques used to treat and rehabilitate the mentally ill.
Course Number 335

Advanced Nursing Procedures

This course is the continued study of principles and therapeutic skills of nursing care; it correlates with clinical experience in Medical-Surgical divisions. The focus is to teach the student to perform advanced nursing skills utilizing scientific principles.
Course Number 344

Pharmacology II

This course is a continuation of Pharmacology 1. The presentation of drug categories is correlated as much as possible with the altered levels of wellness presented in Medical-Surgical Nursing. The remainder of the course is spent reviewing pharmacology content. The student administers medications to adult and geriatric clients under direct supervision of the clinical instructors.
Course Number 350

Clinical Experience

This clinicals experience is spent in adult client contact situations. The student has guided practice and experience with the nursing process delivering total client care on medical-surgical divisions. Knowledge and practice of pharmacological principles and advanced nursing skills, taught in courses 335 and 344 are reinforced. As a member of the health care team, an increasing awareness of ethical nursing behaviors and responsibilities evolves.
Course Number 353

Medical-Surgical Nursing II

This course is a continuation of Medical-Surgical Nursing I and is designed to assist the student in acquiring knowledge and skills to carry out the nursing process in both acute and chronic health problems associated with the gastrointestinal, neurological, endocrine, cardiovascular, circulatory, lymphatic, and reproductive systems. This course continues to provide knowledge of the disease process and related nursing care, as well as diet therapy as it relates to specific health problems.