Student Services


Student and Disability Services

CSPN has a wide array of services available to help students in their personal and academic lives. Our Director of Operations/Student Services is a Licensed Professional Counselor and works with students on any number of concerns:

  • Academic difficulty, study skills, and tutoring
  • Stress and time management
  • Feelings of isolation and interpersonal problems
  • Family concerns and relationship issues
  • For information on Disability Services, click here.

If you are a current student and need help, reach out now.


If you are an enrolled student or applicant
in need of substance abuse assessment/treatment, reach out now.


For assistance with suicide prevention and mental health crisis.

Call or text 988

Call or text 988 or chat

Learning Center

CSPN has a multi-media Learning Center to complement students’ classroom and clinical learning. The Learning Center includes a library, nursing skills lab, and computer access.

cspn-library-2   cspn-lab   cspn-nursing-computer-lab


Find textbooks, medical dictionaries, PDRs, and nursing journals to help understand lectures, assist with school projects, and research current issues in nursing.

Nursing Skills Lab

Practice procedures you learn in the program before you perform these skills in the clinical setting. The setting simulates real patient care.

  • Make a hospital bed and perform bed baths
  • Administer range of motion exercises
  • Perform vital signs and administer oral medication
  • Provide dressing changes and tracheostomy care
  • Give injections and insert Foley catheters
  • Initiate and maintain IVs

Computer Access

CSPN has numerous computer stations for LPN students to use for papers, care plans, etc. Each computer station also has high-speed Internet access, and wireless connectivity is available. Additionally, students can access their grades online using their Blackboard log-in

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