Grievance Resolution Procedure 

The purpose of this procedure is to grant the student the right to appeal decisions that directly affect his/her progress in the program. This appeal process is a means to arrive at a fair and equitable solution in a timely manner. Confidentiality is to be maintained throughout the entire appeal process. A student who has been dismissed may not attend class or clinical while pursuing the grievance.

Note: Final course point grade and math grade are not subject to the grievance resolution procedure.


The student, within one (1) School day of the alleged occurrence, must inform, in writing, the involved faculty or administrative personnel of her/his dissatisfaction and possible intent to appeal.

The student and involved instructor or administrator must meet within two (2) School days of the occurrence to attempt to resolve the conflict.

When the situation is not resolved, the student must meet with the involved parties and the administrator within two (2) additional School days.


When the situation is not resolved, the student continues the appeal by submitting in writing a description of the occurrence including date, time and signature within one (1) School day after completing Step 1. This statement is given to an administrator who will submit it to the Appeal Committee.

The Appeal Committee will convene on the following Wednesday when School is in session. The involved parties may be present to discuss the occurrence.

The Appeal Committee will consist of two instructors: one from Levels I & II; one from Levels III & IV; and a student representative from each class. The Executive Director will chair this committee and will vote only in case of a tie. The decision of the committee will be final and binding upon the student and must be within School policy. This official decision will conclude the matter unless it is appealed by the student or faculty member. The appealing student’s verbal communication regarding the occurrence will be limited to 15 minutes at each step, and the meetings will be limited to 60 minutes. Students involving a private counsel invalidate their right to the appeal procedure.


Rehearing/Appeals Rehearing

Students or faculty members may request in writing a rehearing within five (5) working days after receiving the decision from the Executive Director, School of Nursing, if they can demonstrate misrepresentation of facts or the existence of evidence that was not made available at the original hearing. The rehearing is in the presence of the original committee.

Appeals Process 

  1. If after a rehearing, or if the student or faculty member is not satisfied with the recommendations of the grievance committee and 
the decision of the Executive Director, or if the recommendations and subsequent decision differ, the student or faculty member may appeal the decision to the Executive Director School of Nursing. The written Notice of Appeal will explain the appellant’s dissatisfaction with the decision. No additional evidence or modification of the challenge or complaint may be included in the appeal.
  2. The Executive Director will convene an Appeals Board within ten (10) working days of receipt of notice of the appeal. This board will be a standing body composed of the Executive Director, School of Nursing, two (2) faculty members nominated by the Faculty Organization, and a representative from each class. The Executive Director will chair the Appeals Board, but will only vote in case of a tie.The Appeals Board will review the objectivity and fairness of Step 1 and Step 2 processes. It will review the reasonableness of the decision and the official decision with respect to the substance of the challenge or complaint and evidence of testimony entertained at Step 2. 
  3. The Appeals Board will not contemplate any modification of the challenge or complaint or entertain additional evidence or testimony. Within these constraints, the Appeals Board may hear the student or the faculty member or a spokesperson for the student or faculty member.
  4. The Appeals Board will report its finding to the Executive Director within five (5) working days of the conclusion of its study. Its finding may support or refute in whole or in part or augment the decision at Step 2 and/or order a review by a new grievance review committee. (This Board does not render a new decision).
  5. The Executive Director will notify relevant parties of the finding so that the Appeals Board will reconvene within five (5) working days. Relevant parties are: the student, the faculty member, the Grievance Review Committee. The Executive Director’s report will state the action taken, or to be taken, in the matter, including a timetable for action.

The decision following Step 3 is final. The grievance stops here.


Administrative Policy Guidelines for Non-Academic Complaints

The administrative policy is designed to maintain the integrity of the academic environment and to ensure that all students understand they are protected by the guidelines of CSPN’s Student Handbook, Catalog, and the expectations set forth by the Ohio Board of Nursing (OBN) and the Accrediting Body of Health Education Schools (ABHES).


In the event a student of CSPN has a concern/complaint with respect to adherence of the rules and regulations (nursing/nursing education) at CSPN, the following steps can be taken:

Submit concerns/complaints in writing to the secured/confidential concern box found in each classroom. Concerns/complaints are presented to the Curriculum Committee the second Tuesday of each month. The executive director will ask for feedback from faculty with respect to resolution.  Students can address concerns verbally with student curriculum representative(s). The student will be informed of the outcome/decision within one week of the meeting.

A student can schedule a meeting directly with executive director (216.901.4400 extension 102). The student is encouraged to put in writing the nature of his/her concern and present it in person to the executive director. The student will be informed of the outcome/decision within one week of the meeting.

A student can schedule a meeting with the board of trustees (set this up through the administrative coordinator) at 216.901.4400 extension 100.  The student is encouraged to put in writing the nature of his/her concern and present it to the board of trustees.

If the scope of the issue requires immediate action or the student is not satisfied with the school’s resolution, the student should contact the following outside entities:

The State Board of Career Colleges and Schools (State Board). Students may write the State Board at 30 East Broad Street, Suite 2481, Columbus, Ohio 43215-3414. They can also be contacted by phone (614) 466-2752, Fax (614) 466-2219, Toll Free (877) 275-4219, Email or Website:


*For Academic Grievance Resolution Procedure, refer to pp. 23-24 of the Student Handbook.