Ready to Apply…

Step 1: Take and pass the Entrance Exam – Visit the link below to register to take your exam:

Testers with a passing score of a 68% on the Math section, and a 70% on the Reading section will be required to attend an information session immediately following the exam and will obtain an application link to move forward with the application process.

 Entrance Exam is waived for applicants meeting one of the following criteria:

 * Applicant with a minimum of a two or four-year degree from an accredited college.

* HESI scores reflecting a minimum score of a 70% both in reading and math (up to 3 years)

* ACT reflecting a minimum score of a 19 for math and a 20 for reading (up to 3 years)

* WorkKeys reflecting a minimum score of a 3 (72-75 scale) in math and a minimum score of a 4 (76-77 scale) in reading

Official test scores, and/or transcripts must be mailed or emailed to