Ready to Apply…

Step 1: Submit your application online

Step 2: Upload official high school transcripts (must have an accumulative gpa of 2.0 or higher)

Step 3: Upload responses to nursing questions (questions can be found in your application portal)

Step 4: Take and pass the entrance exam – Visit the link below to register to take your exam:

*Step 4 can be completed at any time during the application process. 


Testers must achieve a passing score of a 68% on the math section, and a 70% on the reading section.

 *The entrance exam will be waived for applicants meeting one of the following criteria:

 * Applicant with a minimum of a two or four-year degree (Associates or Bachelor’s degree) from an accredited college.

 * HESI scores reflecting a minimum score of a 68% in math and a 70% in reading (up to 3 years)

 * ACT reflecting a minimum score of a 19 for math and a 20 for reading (up to 3 years)

 * WorkKeys reflecting a minimum score of a 3 (72-75 scale) in math and a minimum score of a 4 (76-77 scale) in reading

Official test scores, and/or transcripts must be mailed or emailed to